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Algae cultivation – Algaennovation

"Algaennovation is building a new kind of Omega-3 cultivation production facility, improving every stage of the aquaculture life cycle. Our cutting edge technology provides the perfect conditions, in order to keep our algae healthy, vital and full of valuable nutritional components. We are delighted with the co-operation with ON at Hellisheiði...etc." "Starting with the larval hatchery feed, all the way to fishmeal-free aquafeed and ultimately as a food supplement for humans, enabling advanced and richer production with higher Omega-3 content".- John Smith, Director.

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Silica supplement – Geo Silica

"The perfect blend of technological advancement, environmental protection and social benefits." Being located close to the geothermal power plant is ideal for our production. This gives us an easy access to our raw materials. The compound of the geothermal water at Hellisheidi is unique which makes it suitable for the extraction of various minerals. ON Power has supported geoSilica´s technological advancement and product development. ON Power engineers have done research projects using geothermal water in which we had access and helped us with the development of our first product, the Silica Supplement.

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CO2 Capture – Climeworks

Climeworks captures CO2 from air with the world’s first commercial carbon removal technology. Our direct air capture plants remove CO2 from the atmosphere to supply to customers and to unlock a negative emissions future. Importantly CO2 removal is not only needed to enable negative emissions but also to achieve zero CO2 emissions globally. Sectors such as shipping and aviation do not yet have viable alternatives to fossil fuels. Traditional mitigation measures such as renewable energies can – even in the optimum scenario – only reduce CO2 by around 80 per cent. The rest must come from removing carbon from the air.

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Microorganisms Research – University of Iceland

Research on the usage of gases to produce valuable compunds with bacteria and microorganisms.

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Geothermal Exhibition

The Geothermal Exhibition is located at Hellisheiði Power Plant. The exhibition is presented via interactive multimedia installations, wall displays and presentations. It allows visitors to examine Iceland's geothermal utilization in a clear and illuminating fashion. Experienced staff is on hand to guide visitors through the exhibition.

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Geothermal Exhibition

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